Science Fiction and Other Writings

Whenever I’m not reading a new history book or biography, my favorite go-to pleasure reading is science fiction. There’s something inspiring about seeing how writers imagine what humanity could potentially accomplish. Space exploration, medical innovations, parallel dimensions, alternate realities, all these facets make us wonder and question our world. Authors like Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, H.G. Wells, Frank Herbert, Ray Bradbury, and Phillip K. Dick have written entire in-story worlds and chronologies; pushing the envelope on the potential of science fiction writing.

This year, in addition to my regular history articles and book reviews, I’ve decided to post some of my own science fiction short stories! My hope is to someday have enough written and publish them as a collection, like Robert Heinlein and his ‘Future History’ series. I’ll post as often as is possible, but sometimes it’s hard to draft original material. Enjoy!

April 2022

‘The Hard Life of Mac Smolley’