History Here and Now offers history and social studies tutoring for grade levels 6-12 in St. Louis city and county. Sessions are two (2) hours long and are customized to the student’s curriculum for a better learning experience. Thomas has years of teaching experience as a graduate teaching assistant and organizing conferences and lectures to help improve a student’s learning. Tutoring services also includes standardized testing preparation and essays workshops for those wanting to improve their writing skills.

Men in kilts with swords are sure ways to get some people’s attention (First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site, October 2018)

Thomas’ teaching philosophy emphasizes the use of primary source materials and placing historical figures and events in a broader context. We sometimes think of history as this abstract concept; too dense to distill down to simple paragraphs. Primary sources give people a better grasp of what happened and some students need that tangible element; seeing a letter or diary pages from a soldier in World War II, or old tintype photographs of pioneer families.

Studying history can also improve by placing it in a broader context. When reading about Prohibition, you can internalize more than just the 18th Amendment, speakeasies, and bootleggers. What else happened in the world that made conditions ripe for something like Prohibition? These questions encourage us to investigate and build a richer historical background to educate everyone.

Tutoring sessions are available for all grade levels for students requiring assistance with social studies or general history courses. Locations for tutoring sessions can be arranged in the St. Louis county or city area at local libraries or schools.

Sessions also include test preparation, writing workshops, and other services as requested by clients. For more specialized tutoring (such as specific historical topics and college-prep courses), please indicate what topics and subjects you’re studying and bring the necessary study materials for more in-depth research.

To schedule a tutoring appointment, fill out the Tutoring Submission Form below. Please provide as much detail in the form outlining what type of tutoring you require. A summary and prices and rates will be provided upon request.

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