Book Reviews

‘I simply cannot live without books’ -Thomas Jefferson

Reviews are excellent sources of information providing synopsis of a book and an author’s writing style. For years, book reviews have made authors, historians, researchers, and many public figures notable by highlighting what makes their work stand out to the reader. Large publishing companies and newspaper outlets dedicate sections to book reviews and shed new light on different subjects.

My reviews cover a range of publications and different topics. You’ll find reviews of books not only from my library (a recent tabulation showed there were over 700 so there’s plenty to get through) but also recent publications on history, culture, anthropology, and other literature. If you think there’s a book that ought to be on the list, or would like to submit your own send me a message and we’ll chat!

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Reporting on ‘Dogfaces’: A Review of ‘Brave Men’ by Ernie Pyle

Carthago Delenda Est: A Review of ‘Carthage Must Be Destroyed’ by Richard Miles

Reporting From Vietnam: A Review of ‘The Uncensored War: The Media and Vietnam’ by Daniel Hallin

Untamable Tigers: A Review of ‘Three Tigers, One Mountain’ by Michael Booth

Fugger the Insanely Rich: A Review of ‘The Richest Man Who Ever Lived’ by Greg Steinmetz

American Baronetcy: A Review of ‘The House of Morgan’ by Ron Chernow

Directing War from the Executive Branch: A Review of ‘White House Warriors’ by John Gans

Witness to the Fall: A Review of ‘Decent Interval’ by Frank Snepp

The War for Both Koreas: A Review of ‘Korea: The Limited War’ by David Rees

The Bleeding Southwest: A Review of ‘The Civil War in the Western Territories’ by Ray C. Colton

The Marvelous American Autodidact: A Review of ‘Alexander Hamilton’ by Ron Chernow

Phượng Hoàng: A Review of ‘Stalking the Vietcong’ by Stuart Herrington

Hell is a Cold Place: A Review of ‘The White Darkness‘ by David Grann

Horrifying and Profound: ‘Maus’ by Art Spiegelman

General Offensive, General Uprising: A Review of ‘Tet!’ by Don Oberdorfer 

Killers of the Flower Moon Unveils a Disturbing Chapter in U.S. History: A Review of  ‘Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI’ by David Grann

For Spacious Skies Flies Into Infinity and Beyond: Review of ‘For Spacious Skies: The Uncommon Journey of a Mercury Astronaut’ by Scott Carpenter and Kris Stoever

If you have any book suggestions or would like to publish your own book review, submit them here!