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Jungle Rot with the Horses: The Story of Merrill’s Marauders

End of an Era: The National Defense Service Medal

Unbreakable Navajo Marines: WWII Code Talkers

Entombed, But Never Truly Gone: The USS Oklahoma

Opinion: What I Learned in 8th Grade Social Studies

Westward They Go to God: The Handcart Pioneers

The White House Bullpen: Ceremonial First Pitches by U.S. Presidents

Opinion: Why I Love Wilson’s Creek Battlefield

Contact and Brawls: The Combat Action Ribbon

Opinion Piece: Why Study History?

Efficiency, Honor, Fidelity: The Good Conduct Medal

‘Unternehmen Walküre’: Killing Hitler (Almost)

American Pallas Athene: The Women’s Army Corps Service Medal

Nubian Neighbors: The Long Overshadowed African Kingdom

Harsh Waters, Hard Sailors: The Story of the Shetland Bus

The Flight Stuff: The Wright Brothers Ingenuity

In the Government Know: The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Oklahoma Bat: The Military History of Fred Laverne Richardson

Jim Crow Follow Us to England: The Battle of Bamber Bridge

Persons of Exceptional Prominence: Celebrities in the Military 

European Roots: How to Research Immigration and Naturalization Records

Here Come the Scots: Burns Clubs, Clan Organizations, and St. Andrew Societies in North America

Humanity in the Ocean: The SEALAB Program and Capt. George Bond, MD

‘Some People Have To Get Killed’: CIA Operations During the Korean War

The First Landing: The Navy / Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal

Eternal Remembrance: National Cemeteries for the U.S. Armed Forces

Sakoku: The Isolation of Japan

Americans, Germans, and French, Oh My: The Strange Battle for Castle Itter

Aerial Heroism: The History of the Air Medal

The Prophet’s Bodyguard: A Look at the Life of Orrin Porter Rockwell (Part 2 of 2) 

The Prophet’s Bodyguard: A Look at the Life of Orrin Porter Rockwell (Part 1 of 2)

Apaches in the Pacific: The Story of the 345th Bombardment Group

Mi-tsi a-da-zi, Roche Jaune, the Yellowstone

Valor from Years Ago: Inactive and Obsolete Awards and Decorations in the U.S. Armed Forces

This Grad Life: Learning Experiences as a Graduate Student

Nothing Like Homemade: Making Beer, Wine, and Spirits during Prohibition

The Dry Crusader: Wayne Wheeler’s Quest for Prohibition

The Unadulterated McCoy: Rum-Running on the Eastern Seaboard

Teaching History in these COVID-19 Times

Semper Paratus: Requesting U.S. Coast Guard Medals (Special Edition)

Meritorious Service: Requesting U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Medals (4 of 4)

For Heroic Acts: Requesting U.S. Air Force Medals (3 of 4)

Distinguished Service: Requesting U.S. Army Medals (2 of 4)

Gallantry and Valor: Requesting Military Medals (1 of 4)

Going Through the Files: Researching Military Records

Measuring Success by Counting Corpses

The Immortal Memory of the Bard: Robert Burns

The Killing Evolution of Civil War Weapons

Teaching and Engaging Students about History

Thinking Critically About History

The Spirit of Woman Power in WWI

The End of A German Dynasty

American Prepardness in WWI

The Committee on Public Information: Would You Like to Know More?

Little Gun Shoot Fast: The Choctaw Army Code-Talkers

Food Will Win The War! 

Why the WWI Christmas Truce Endures Forever

The Death Knell for Alcohol: World War I

The Heroic Alvin York

On A Mission For the Nation: Father Francis Xavier Weninger (Vol 3.)

On A Mission For the Nation: Father Francis Xavier Weninger (Vol. 2)

On A Mission For the Nation: Father Francis Xavier Weninger (Vol. 1)

Frontline Education: The Army General Staff College